Exhibition eight

«Shinjuku-eki: asa kara yoru made (from dawn till dusk)»

Where and when

Photo Gallery Place M
Kindai Bldg. 3F, Shinjuku 1-2-11, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

August 18 – August 24, 2008


“Place M: Zenkai & Shinjuku-eki”
Joint exhibition with Ryoko Tomimura.

«Shinjuku-eki: From dawn till dusk» 
18 hours with two cameras on a normal Friday, from six in the morning until midnight,
at world’s most frequented train-station: Shinjuku-eki in Tokyo.
If the Yamanote-line is the artery of the megalopolis Tokyo, then Shinjuku-eki is definitely its heart. 

Further description (in japanese and english) can be found here and some of the exhibited photos here.

Some photos taken during the exhibition and at the party: